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Range and Versatility (Durarara Drama CD 1)

Here is the translation for the drama CD. I will try my best! Remember it's from Chinese to English! I will begin from Track 2 onwards as anni-fiesta has done a very good job on that. Arigatou gozaimasu. Anyway, there are only 3 tracks so... ENJOY!

You can download the drama CD here >>>>> Range and Versatility

Track 1 from anni-fiesta

Track 2
Celty: However, a gun is only 5000, how did this happend? --------------(I'm not sure here) I don't even know why he sell does guns to the girl high schooler. I've been told by Orihara Izaya that at one of the busy public passage in Sunshine, hides the girl who sells secong hand gun.

Guy: Is this real? No matter how you see it, it is real anyway... What do I do? What can I use it for.

(Door knocking)

Guy: There's someone inside. To kill people, or self suicide? Who to use it on? Anyone should be fine, anyway this is a boring life. In this boring world, everything doesn't matter.

(Door knocking)

Guy: The one beside is empty! I want to try shooting, no matter who I shoot, it doesn't matter...

(Door knocking)

Guy: Shut up! You might also wanted to use this bathroom only, I'm different than you, I am worrying over here! With a fool like you who only wants to use the bathroom is not the same, if you understand then go to the other one!!

Guy: Eh?! What-What is happening?
Celty: I think you have overdone it. But, I'm not the one who knock the door.
Shizuo: Ern... Ooh Ah Ah Ah Ah!!! (well, basically it's Shizuo getting angry)

Guy: Wah Ah Ah Ah Ah!
Celty: I just watch Shizuo tear  the door down and throw it to the other side.
Shizuo: Ern... Ha!!
Celty: At last, there's only the Western style toilet bowl and a frighten youth.

Shizuo: Who did you say was a fool, ah?!
Guy: Sor-sorry...
Shizuo: I have always been using this cubicle. If you understand then get out of my way.
Guy: Yes
Shizuo: Hu...Ern? Celty, you... turn around.

Celty: I have asked Shizuo to catch that dumbstruck youth, get the gun back, and ask where did he get the gun. Although it is not a very useful information, but the one who sell the gun is a girl about 30 years old.  The price was one million. This also means that someone is selling the gun at an unfixed price.
Izaya: That's not nice porter, did you not know I hate Shizu-chan? You went and borrow his strength, you really don't know how to make someone happy~ Nevermind, the next one is also a high schooler, but this time is a boy.

Kida: But~ Just to say~ I, who come out once every 500 years, Kida Masaomi sama, have been waiting here for half a day and no girl have come to flirt with me. Must be because at this period, the girls are not having a good situation...
Mikado: Erm, Kida, flirt or whatever is not important. I'm so tired.
Kida: Miakdo! You cannot say such dishearten words! Both of us can create a revolution every one hundred. To me, although I wanted to change my name to Kida Revolution, back a million step, at least call me Kida Peak Revolution.
Mikado: Your dry humour has already make me loss all my energy.

(Black motorbike sound)
Kida: Wa~ That, is the black motorbike.
Mikado: Really. Don't you feel that she is looking this way?
Kida: Ern.

(Black motorbike sound)
Mikado: She left. What happend...?
Kida: It seems that the headless rider has also submit to my charm.
Mikado: Is it really like that?
Kida: If not is there any other reason.

Celty: It seems like they are not the one. One of them look really innocent, while the other one looks like he never have a gun in his life. Not long later, I have found that two person.

Is this the real deal?
Ern, no matter how you look at it, it is the real deal, and it's heavy.
Heavy does not make it real.
It does not? I'm not too sure.
Try and see. Try shooting and we will know.
Haha, sure...

Celty: The patience used on high school girls does not work on the boys, because knowing what kind situation it is, then I will take the right educational measure.
Izaya: Porter, it seems you have become more violent. I just realise that~ instead of using the mouth, let action compensate for that. Although you're tired, I still need you to find the fourth gun.

Celty: Ikebukuro always have a power struggle. The blue square and the yellow scarves, after the fight, the blue square vanish without a trace and the yellow scarves lost their power. The city looks peaceful. But I know, some people from those disperse group are lurking in the dark, always around to destroy. Because of my job, I always met this type of person.

Is it really 3000?
Yes. It's 3000.
How come it feels like that someone is planning behind our back?
No matter what, it is too cheap.
Anyway, where should we use it, this way there is nothing to say.
What kind of women ah?

Around 30 years, with good body figure.
Ah, we just want to use it only, I wonder where should we shoot, just like aim at the black biker and 'Bang'
You have been hit by that bastard. But, he doesn't have any head.
Ya. None.

Ern, I feel like I am finding death.
I wanted to see it.
I say, don't say such unlucky things.

(Black motorbike sound)
Eh, where have I heard that sound before.

That That...
Isn't that the black biker?
Look, it is!

Celty: I have know those bunch of scoundrel. Which means, there isn't a single good people sitting in the car. Let me say this first, I'm not a violent person, the violent one is always the opposition. So, in this situation...

Celty: Really, it is not my intention, this is what they are finding for. After I confiscated the gun, I took the action to call Orihara Izaya.
Izaya: What is it, courier? Do you hate me calling to you? It seems I am completely hated by you, but I like the porter you. That how about this, bring all the gun you confiscated to me to that place...
Cely: Anyway, just do what he said first

Track 3
Izaya: Good work as expected.Even though there is only one gun left, you can never find it. There isn't even any news about it. All I know is that, it is a beautiful woman about the age of thirty, but you can find them anywhere in the city. And there is no clue about her whereabouts. Ah, I might as well slowly collect more news. Haha, I bet you are thinking that how can an information broker like me, not have any news?! That is very suspicious. You know, that can happen occasionally. But, because it is me, so it seems that I always had something plan behind, but, there is no such thing. This matter is just as how you see it now. Do you understand what I mean?

Celty: Feeling suspicious is a definite. The confiscation of the gun is also too easy and the timing is just right. It simply feels like it was planned to be found.

Izaya: Well, that's it, if there is any problem, then contact me. I will take my leave first~

Celty: At this very moment, I feel relieve that I do not have a head. There's no need to speak a lot of unnecessary things to such a hateful person. However, I don't think he will be contacting me on this matter anymore. But, when will that last gun appear and in what kind of situation, we will see it then.

Izaya: I really like the courier. Evethough she obviously does not have a head, she is still smart. So, then, let's collect the last gun.

(For the following, the woman is suppose to be 'elder woman' but I have change it to 'woman')

Woman: That was fast

Izaya: That is. Next time, do not sell dangerous things to lay person. It is too obvious. It can lead to both of us having to put our life on the line.

Woman: But the information is already out of the bag isn't it.

Izaya: But if you do want to sell, I wish you could sell it to someone who is not so obvious.

Woman: If I sell them to hoodlum, it would surely leave a trace behind.

Izaya: I wanted to ask, can you tell me what is your relationship with Shiki-sama? It's for reference.

Woman: If I tell you, will you be selling this as information to others?

Izaya: Depends on the situation.

Woman: Then I won't tell you. It will probably be the same as what you are thinking.

Izaya: Then, I will use my thoughts as information~~?

Woman: You brat, definitely not cute at all (She was actually referring to Izaya as a child as she is an elder woman. But it would be weird to put 'child' in. So it has been replaced with 'brat'.)

Izaya:  Thanks for the compliment.

Woman:  Here is the last gun.

Izaya: Thank you, and this is the note for the meeting place. As long as you tell them that 'Orihara Izaya introduce me', they would understand. Tomorrow at this time, you would be on the sea sea already.

Woman: You wouldn't be having an alliance with Shiki and decided to let me drown in the middle of the ocean?

Izaya: Of course not! As long as you are alive, I have grasp a part of Shiki's weakness.

Woman: Hehe... Definitely not a cute brat at all.

Izaya: That is the utmost compliment.

Woman: Remember, you must tell Shiki clearly that the criminal is a female.

Izaya: Why do you purposely have to make this matter so big? Miss just one small step and you could die.

Woman: That's because I wanted to cause problems for Shiki, that's all.

Izaya: Such a problematic person.

Woman: I do not want to hear that from you.

Izaya: Hehehe... That's right. I will pass every single word you have said to him.

Izaya's Monologue
On the next day, I pass every single word she said to Shiki sama. He silently listen to what I have tell him and regarded it as truth. But, it could be that he has already seen through everything or maybe even purposely letting that woman go. Anyway, he has maintain his position in the Awakasu so everything is OK. Except...

Shiki: For the gun that was not found, I will inform the higher authority that it is with me, which also means that, if anything happens to that gun, I will be responsible. Do you understand, Orihara sama?

I honestly replied "understand". Anyway, I also do not want to cause trouble, since I do not want to die early~

After bidding farewell to that woman, I felt the heavy weigh of the gun in my pocket as I thought about...

Izaya: Now... what should I do? It needs to be used anyway. Why not point it at the abdomen of the person that I do not want to see most and shoot.

Shizuo: Izaya~

Izaya: Haha, Shizu-chan, what happend?

Shizuo: This is not the time to say that. How many times do I need to say so that you do not return to Ikebukuro?!

Izaya: Shizu-chan, I do not fell like fighting with you today. How about next time?

Shizuo: There's no more next time. Everything ends today, now, this minute. Izaya~

Izaya: I see~ There's no helping it then, I will be leaving. Bye bye~

Shizuo: Stand still! You bastard!

Izaya: I cannot use it now, I need to wait for a better opportunity, an excellent one. But when is it? Only God knows.


Finally finish! Here it is! If there are any question, if correct me. It is quite hard to translate it directly rather than writing a summary so there might be some mistakes.

Kapitel 82 Summary (07 Ghost)

Chinese Raw:
Kapitel 82
07 Ghost

Previous Summary:
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kapitel 79
Kapitel 80
Kapitel 81

Omake Translation

I'm not sure whether this is necessary now since that a group has translated the manga to English already.
Manga found here >>> Kapitel 82
Please thank them for their hard work!!
I will summarise the next chapter if the chinese one come out faster. For compensating this, I was thinking of doing one of the Hakuouki or Durarara drama cd translation and it will obviously be from Chinese to English.

Thank you!

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Kapitel 81 Summary (07 Ghost)

Chinese Raw:
Kapitel 81
07 Ghost

Previous Summary:
Kapitel 76
Kapitel 77
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kapitel 79
Kapitel 80

Omake Translation


Ouka started saying: "Teito, are you sure you don't remember me? Weren't you the one who saved me and Kururu in the fourth district?"

Teito said that there is no way some at his rank could have met someone like Ouka who has a higher rank. And that this is the first time he has become Ouka's bodyguard.

Ouka then try to say a few words to convince him. She added:" This time, I will be the one to save Teito. Let me help you regain your memories."

Then Ouka pulled him away by wanting to bring him to a place which is full of Teito's memories, that is, the church.

And at the last moment she said...

And then Teito's touching moments or realisation....
Suddenly, Teito heard a voice saying: "Ah... This would be troublesome. I have some things to discuss with the princess..."

At this point, Ayanami realise something else besides the ghost have appeared.

The shadow guy continues talking: "I don't plan to meet you in person yet since there is only one key left to opening the pandora box. Aside that, I rather quickly accomplish my problems...

And then Teito to the rescue!!!


*drum roll*

Oooh.... Tension is rising....

As the shadow guy was about to attack Teito. The chandelier fell. People panicking and running away. Ouka got pulled back. And then.... Mysterious guy in a skeleton mask show up!

Ayanami jump off the balcony. Hyuuga wanted to join in the fight but got held back by Labrador.

Ayanami got pierced by Castor.

But then it was just a doll...

Ayanami then said: "A fake can never win the real deal"
Castor: Even so, I could still buy some time...

We now come to Frau and Teito's scene...
Frau: I come to get you, little brat
Teito: -----? Little brat?
         Who are you!?

Frau then begins attacking Teito. As he was about to get caught. Teito shouted: "Are you are also one of that guy's accomplice!!"

Teito: Eh? There's no sign of danger...!?
Frau: Checkmate

Frau then punch Teito's stomach and jump off the window.

Mikhail appeared.
Mikhail: Insolent fool.My master is now serving Ayanami. You do not have the right to take him away. Do not simply touch my master.
Frau: I never thought that even you could forget me....Really.... Not cute at all...
Mikhail: Let go off your hand
Frau: I won't
         I wouldn't let things end so quickly between me and you.
Mikhail: Then you can just disappear!!

Teito ( in another state) felt that his arm hurts and was following a voice. Saying someone was calling for him.

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Durarara AMV

K. I know this is a blog. And it shouldn't just be about the 07 ghost summary. I wanted to share what I've been seeing and watching and listenning and reading. Ya. You know what I mean. Once I get into an anime, I strated to do researching. I just cannot accept a good anime to just end. I WANT MORE!!! So this time it's Durarara. I watch it a long time ago. Now that I watch it back again. It just get me excited up again. So here are the AMV which I think did a really good job or a fairly good amount.

Love the song. And the synchronising of the video with the song. 
Please pay your attention to Izaya's gay walk around 0.53

This one is not bad too!

This one is a compilation of song to match some of the Durara scenes. I like Celty's part the best.

For girls out there only!! 

Mixture of Matrix and Durarara! 
Awesome job!
Must watch!

Using just image from the novel! 
I normally wouldn't like to see non-moving image. 
But this is surprisingly nice to watch!
Good job!

If there is any video which you think its nice. Please tell me and I might post it up!

07 Ghost Kapitel 80 Summary

Chinese Raw:
Kapitel 80
07 Ghost

Previous Summary:
Kapitel 76
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Kapitel 79

Omake Translation

This time we have a nice image on Teito and Ouka!!!!

Ok. Here we go!

Teito wokes up and he thought....
"There's still time before the gathering, I can still sleep for a while..."
"...Eh? What is this aroma?"
"Right. It is..."

And he lifts his body and found Ayanami's coat.


Teito came rushing into the room. He apologise for being late and asked whether is this Ayanami's coat.

Ayanami replied that he was the first person to ever sleep in front of his office and to personally carry Teito back to his room.

Teito's reaction

Ayanami said that he was too noisy and reasoned that Teito was just too tired after his check up.

Ayanami then asked him to quickly go back to his job to protect the queen. He added "There are many people who I can replace to protect the queen. However, no one can replace you as my subordinate"

Teito said: "Yes!" and leave the room. His whole life as a slave, this is the first time anyone has say something like that to him.
Teito's expression

Then Hyuuga came in.
Hyuuga: You treat him different to me. So gentle.
Ayanami: Of course. That is my body.
               There's still a small component to open Pandora's Box. Just a bit more and my wish will be fulfilled. 


Then the ball scene. Frau, labrador and Castor has appeared.
Nice disguise. No one can recognise them.

Not long later...

Now, doesn't that make them more obvious. I wonder what are the disguises for anyway.

30th November, Barsburg's first queen accept the blessings of the the current king and the other alliance country to welcome her coming of 16 years.

Tomorrow, 1st of December, will be the crowning ceremony.

Tonight's Birthday Party is also an evening banquet to find Ouka's fiancĂ©e. The candidates are those in black mask. There are all together seven candidate from 7 district.

Because the Eye of Raphael can only accept girls so the Barsburg's history are all queens. However, the master would usually have a short life span. So a fiancees must be chosen to fill in the spot if the queen were to have a sudden death.

Sailor Moon appeared! (Just kidding) ^_^

They were just making sure that Ouka's fiancee is the "right" guy. They care for her a lot.

Then they start listing the candidates out. One look at candidate no.7 and they know he is out. (Aww. Poor guy) And the 1st District candidate is currently having a disease and couldn't come. The 2nd District candidate is actually Shuri Oak.

Ayanami and Hyuuga appear!

You just gotta love all this ball scenes!

Anyway, Hyuuga was saying that Konatsu, Kuroyuri and Katsuragi are already in their position. However, it seems that the GHOST has not entered. 

Ayanami said: "No. They are here. Just as I expected."

Teito suddenly got this huge impact on him. However he does not know what it is. Teito turns to check on the queen and she is safe. He then have a little chat with Shuri. It was quite funny.

Shuri: Really... How dare they let me wear such a plain mask...
         But I really do not want to get married.
Teito: If you were really choosen, then this empire would be finish.
Shuri: My dad just passed away, how could I ever do something like this.
          And if I were to married to a woman who is smarter than me, I would surely be look down upon.
         If I do get married, I must find one who is more stubborn than me, and has to be the world's cutest girl. In order to let the whole world to like me, to trust me, and to depend on me just like the birds.
Teito: I don't think  there are those kind of people.

Then Teito, saw that Ouka has disappeared and begin to follow.

Ouka is reminiscing what Teito had said to her. She said that if she were to be the queen of Barsburg, she would not want to be a mannequin. I want to live here and not lose the light. This is the starting point of my new life.

Then, bad guys appear. And... Teito appear. 

The guards came. Teito tell Ouka to be calm and that he is her bodyguard. Ouka then said: "Teito?"

Teito was surprised obviously. He asked, "How did you know my name?"

And then it end with the shadow guy in a mask, killing the guards.


Thank you for reading!

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07 Ghost Chpater 79 Summary

Chinese Raw:
Chapter 79
07 Ghost

Previous Summary:
Chapter 76
Chapter 77
Chapter 78

Omake Translation

M-17 experiment has begin again. Teito is undergoing another synchronising experiment and Mikhail showed up.

Mikhail saw that there was a crack on the gate and wanted to fix it. Then Ayanami showed up and said: "Repairing it is forbidden"

Mikhail: Why are you here? This place only allows me and my master to enter.
Ayanami: Obey me. I'll say it again, repairing it is forbidden
M: I only take orders from my master

Mikhail drop on his knees and said: "Master...!?"
Suddenly there is that scientist again. He explained that this is the Mikhail brainwash mechanism. When Mikhail disobey the order, the machine will continuely sent horrible brain wave to Teito. Those brain waves are collected from Teito past frightening experience. It will tear down Teito's psyche if the wave is still on going. So in order to protect his master, Mikhail has to obey his order. The brainwash is not permanent. It is a temporary compromise Mikhail try to protect its master. (credit goes to Berry for correcting me)

And Ayanami is now able to control Mikhail. Mikhail has been brainwashed.

The synchronising rate went down. Teito is once again standing in front of that gate. He started hearing voices that said: "Remember".

Teito was wondering why the rush. When he was about to remember what the last password was, he had a flashback of Frau saying "little brat" & "May God protect you" and Ayanami saying "Remember"

The Scientist explain that there are a lot of factors that can interrupt this experiment, especially if it is the person they love most or hate most.

Then the experiment eneded.

Konatsu barged in and throw a can of peach juice towards Teito.

Close call

Konatsu: Ah. That's good. You look better. I was wondering why do you took so much time in the toilet.
             The experiment you do everyday seems painful. Do you want me to help you investigate a bit?
Teito (being the kind hearted boy as he is) rejected his offer. He answered that remembering it is just a small matter and that there is someone he wanted to remember.

Konatsu then remembered the reason he was there. He came to find Teito because the Royal Household Executive wanted to see him.. It seems there is an important mission.

Mission: Tomorrow is Roseamanelle's first queen's birthday. Teito's duty is to protect the queen as many people are planning to kill the queen. He has to blend in as queen's fiancee candidate. Teito will also act as Miroku's son and he will be part of the Barsburg family members. If there's any question, he can ask Hakuren.

Hakuren came in front of Teito. He asked Teito in a serious face...

And then the dance... Music please.

Hakuren: Suprisingly, you pass.
Teito: I have learn many things in the military academy.
H: However, when dancing with a girl, you have to hold her hand more gently.
T: *furious* That's because you're a guy!
H: You brat! This is just a suggestion.

And then The Dip

After that, Hakuren asked wether has Teito's memory returned. Teito apologized for the things he said last time and that what Hakuren said was true.

Hakuren then asked: "You will also accept the things that happen two months ago right?"
He went and take out Mikage!

Hakuren told Teito that was Mikage's descendent. He also told Teito that both of them took the bishop exam two months ago. He even took out the notes they did together and the doll that Teito did.
Teito's head seem to hurt and then he said that only whatever the staff officer said is true. (It means that he has to believe what Ayanami has said about his past)

Then they reveal a guy who plans to assassinate Ouka. He is he emperor. He seems to be a war maniac. He is reluctant to give up his power over the country. Due to the science experiment, Raphael can be operated without its owner, Ouka. So, Ouka has become useless in the eye of the emperor. However, the scientist Dr. Nai said: " There are still a lot of unknown areas in Raphael, maybe your Majesty can keep the Princess alive for further experiment." But his suggestion was rejected. The Emperor believe that it's very stupid to let woman to hold more power. He wants to end the age of empress. It is also revealed that Ouka's mother, the former Raphael user has been dead for over 10 years. The Emperor has allowed the shadow guy to run this assassination plan. It seems the shadow guy is an "old friend" of the emperor, even though people around the emperor does not know about him. However, the Emperor seems to trust the shadow guy and said:" Thanks to him, everything is going smoothly."
(credit goes to Berry for correcting)
(Dum Dum Dum)

And finally, Castor, Labrodor and Frau appeared. Yay!

Looking good!

Hmm... This must be the cover for volume 13

Credit goes to Berry for correcting my mistakes. Thank you!
Alright! Here you go!
As usual, if there is any problem with the translation, please tell me.